Food Blog

Growing up I was always surrounded by delicious food. My parents spent their nights in the kitchen trialling new recipes and experimenting with new cuisines. My sister and I were the guinea pigs who tested and scored their meals proclaiming that “the chicken could do with a little more lemon” or that “the soup could use a little less ginger”. We very rarely ate ‘fast food’ and were instead treated to dinners out for birthdays and special events. As a fussy eater, I was always encouraged to broaden my horizons and “give it a go” – much to my disdain as most of the time I knew it was going to be awful (why would anyone eat plain boiled brussel sprouts or seaweed salad and raw fish?)
As an adult my passion for food evolved radically. At 19 I chose to become a vegetarian due to my ethical concerns regarding animal welfare and the meat industry. While my family remained avid meat eaters, I learnt to cook for myself and adjust recipes to match my preferences – a little less chilli here, a little more pepper there etc. Now, my weekends revolve around visiting various produce markets (for home cooking) and brunches and dinners out at Sydney’s newest cafes and restaurants. When travelling, a good portion of my time is dedicated to researching the best restaurants in the area and not-to-be-missed foodie experiences.
Sydney Eatscapades is the passion project born from my love of food as a way to catalogue my experiences.