Hpa An

So, before we left for our trip I did a whole lot of research into the places I wanted to go and things I wanted to see, and Hpa An was the one I was most excited for. All the pictures of Hpa An looked absolutely breathtaking and the amount of activities seemed abundant.  Because of this I went ahead and booked 3 nights and 4 days in Hpa An thinking it would take a few days to get to see everything in the surrounding countryside. Boy was I wrong. We literally did everything in a day. We hired a motorbike tuk tuk for the 3 of us (from Soe Brothers Guesthouse – even if you aren’t staying there you can still organise tours through them. Do it on arrival for the following day, don’t worry about booking ahead) and it cost 15,000 kyat each. Which for an entire day was pretty good. Albeit we were stuck sitting in a trailer for 7 hours as we bumped along rocky dirt roads. I can’t say it was the most comfortable ride, but it was very economical and we managed to see a hell of a lot!

Main attractions in Hpaan:

Mount Zwegabin
Kan Thar Yar Lake
Kaw Ka Thaung Cave
Kyautt Ka Latt Pagoda
Kaw Gon Cave
Yathae Pyan Cave
Zwe Ka Bin Mountain

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